Why Choose Organic?


Why choose Organic?  It’s clear we’re passionate about all things organic here at Greenwood Organics – the clue is in the name – but why should you be, too?

When wandering around the aisles of your local supermarket, trolley in hands and debit card at the ready, you’ll no doubt have spotted the great many organic versions of your favourite foods in and amongst the standard grocery items. At this point you may also have pondered why there’s such a huge difference in price. But it’s worth knowing said price hasn’t put people off – according to The Daily Mail, over four out of 10 people now buy organic. ‘Organic’ doesn’t just incorporate food; it covers beauty products and now clothing – with organic cotton, for example, being used to make all manner of garments.

You’ve heard organic’s better for you, but why? Here are five simple reasons why we add organic food to our trolley during each and every shop, and why we love using organic ingredients in our collection of natural skincare products:


  • Keeps us healthy – It’s true that you’ll face less health risks if you go organic. Why? You won’t be consuming harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers so often found in conventional farm produce. Did you know there are well over 3,000 brands of insecticide approved for use in the UK? It’s quite alarming when we stop to think about it; studies have revealed that it’s not just individual pesticides that can harm the human body – a combination can be dangerous. Enjoying an organic diet can boost our intake of vitamins and minerals by a whopping 30 per cent, too. Plus, some livestock farmers use a combination of potentially harmful growth hormones, feed supplements and drugs to encourage animals to grow faster and get bigger.
  • Supports wildlife – Organic agriculture is beneficial for small farms as it offers a market where sellers can offer fair prices for crops. More than that, it supports wildlife in a society where the loss of a large variety of species is a pressing environmental issue. But thanks to many organic farmers and gardeners, seeds are being preserved and collected, and wildlife is encouraged by use of forage crops in rotation, as well as retaining wetlands, fence rows and other natural areas.
  • Free from chemical ‘nasties’ – For us here at Greenwood Organics, it’s really all about beautiful, pure products that are free from harsh, pore-clogging chemicals which only aggravate the skin in the long run. Instead, we choose organic ingredients which are truly kind to your skin – blending aromatic essential oils and carefully packing our products in recyclable pots
  • Organic food is delicious – Even water tastes better when it’s filtered, so it stands to reason that organic foods – free from toxic chemical input – should not only be more delicious, but more nutritional. Well-balanced soils produce healthy, strong plants which results in nourishing food for us. Organic agriculture goes a long way in general to prevent harmful chemicals from getting into the air, earth and water.
  • Improves water quality – The more chemicals applied per acre of fields growing crops, the greater the challenge in preserving the quality of our water.


Why Choose Organic? by Greenwood Organics

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