Always natural, always organic – that’s our promise to you

Natural Organic Skincare Products

Here at Greenwood Organics, we know good natural skincare. We’re an independent company so we formulate and blend all our products by hand, using only the very best organic ingredients. All our products are certified by a cosmetic chemist and we’ll only ever test them on people.

Our handmade natural products blend essential oils with plant extracts to benefit mind, body and soul. We’ll never add nasty stuff like parabens, mineral oils, Lanolin, phthalates or synthetic colours or fragrances, and our ingredients will always be ethically sourced as well as effective.

We promise to…

  • – Always use organic oils from an ethical source
  • – Choose organic ingredients from sustainable sources
  • – Create luxurious creams and oils that really work
  • – Use essential oils that benefit mind, body and soul

Our packaging

We care about our planet and try to reduce waste as much as possible. Our bottles and jars are made from violet glass, which protects the oils and natural ingredients and ensures our products stay fresh.

Violet glass is also recyclable – when you’ve finished your lovely Greenwood Organics product, rinse out the container and return it to us (where possible) or your retailer so it can be collected, cleaned and used again. You can also recycle our containers at bottle banks or get creative and reuse them yourself!

A quick note on ingredients

When it comes to organic products, we know how important ingredients are. We use the very best natural oils and extracts. Sometimes we use preservatives in very small quantities, as without them your products wouldn’t last very long. Where we can, we use Rosemary antioxidant to preserve products as a natural alternative.

You can find out more about what’s inside our products in our Guide to Ingredients.

We’re organic through and through

We’re working towards our organic certification, but in the meantime we’ll continue to source our ingredients from certified organic suppliers.